About Us

Our History

Passion around antiques and gifts run deep in partners Chet and Susie Creger and Jim and DeeDee Lee. In addition to being partners, Susie and Jim are siblings. The couples have been involved in the antique and gift business for years.

Together the four opened their latest venture, Homestead General Store, in May 2019. Housed in a turn of the century brick building that used to be the town’s grocery store, it is now filled with unique gifts, home decor, and a wide range of antiques.

Why the name Homestead General Store? The couples chose the name to honor their small town roots. Susie and Jim’s Mom Reka was born in a small Montana town called Epsie. One of four children, Reka was the first of the siblings to be born in a hospital. The rest of the kids were born in their log cabin on the prairie near Epsie, pictured below.

The word homestead means a house or home occupied by a family. We hope you will enjoy our Homestead Store and find something to to make your home more delightful!

Hanify Log Cabin near Epsie, Montana
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